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About Us.

Hello from the Lab.

You obviously need to know who you’re working with and what makes them tick – at least, we’d want to know these things, so here’s a bit of information about us!

We are iCEPT, a small consultancy providing Web and Computer Infrastructure services to all our clients, who range in size from small and medium sized enterprises like People Tree, to FSA regulated customers like Betfair and LMAX.

We’re passionate about a few things, but our core values ensure that we provide robust and reliable services to all our customers. Using the knowledge gained working in the IT industry we opened our doors to the world back in 2001.

The iCEPT platform began development from scratch in 2004 and has been growing in both complexity, security and functionality to keep in line with the growing needs of today’s market.

What we offer:

  1. A solid, scalable and secure system for growing businesses at an affordable monthly cost
  2. The ability to manage all online business in one place OR integrate with other systems like Sage or SAP.
  3. All this through one easy-to-use web interface – manage your company from wherever you need to (the beach is always nice).
  4. Fanatical level of service delivered by ecommerce experts based in the UK
  5. A simple, transparent and fixed pricing structure that doesn't penalise growth

Why do we do this?

There’s really quite a simple explanation!

A robust and scalable solution is all our customers are really concerned with. They want to know their website is up, generating revenue, when they need it to – without compromising security. We know our customers have systems that have been in place for some time, and “replacing” them would be difficult if not impossible – No problem! We can (and will) integrate with anything!

“Well Magento is cheaper……” is it? It’s a popular misconception. It still requires lots of work by developers to get it up (£), maintenance (£), a robust production environment and hosting (£), further development of new features (£), general support (£) and it can all get out of control quite quickly. The iCept service is simple, we worry about all that.

Give us a call and we’ll see how we can help you!