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Client Support
& e-Commerce Consultancy

Here at iCEPT, we pride ourselves on delivering a fanatical level of support to our customers. If you’re thinking fanatical sounds like a strong word... you’d be right!

For one thing, we live and breathe websites. Our team are all ecommerce experts and genuinely love what we do. But we’re also human, and understand that technology can be a headache when it’s not your area of expertise.

“Icept makes lets our customers pay with ease and quickly. No more anguish crying over puzzling CMSes. The buttons are adorable, so clickable. We just love it!”

Hardeep Ubhi, Marketing Manager, People Tree

& find out how we can help

Dedicated Support

If you’ve ever spent hours going back and forth with a technical helpdesk ...

or worse still trying to figure it out for yourself – you’ll understand the value of dedicated support. We know that when it comes to managing your online store, time is money. There are a million things you’d rather be doing than wrestling with your website, searching for answers in online forums… or worse still paying an exorbitant hourly fee for someone to help you out in a crisis.

Which is why all our packages include a minimum of four hours support time each and every month.

Choose iCept and you’ll have direct access to a dedicated team who are committed to helping you get the most out of your ecommerce platform who understand your objectives, and what you’re looking to achieve.

We’re fanatical, but friendly. Experts, but accessible; skilled professionals who care about you and your business. On the phone, email, or our fabulously simple ticketing system, whenever and however you need us most.


Our experience has shown us that when it comes to scaling your online business, there is a limit to what you’re able to achieve on your own.

When the time comes for you to really start accelerating your growth and leaving the competition behind, you will need some expert help.

For those businesses who are ready to take things to the next level, we offer the opportunity to develop and implement a bespoke ecommerce strategy via our consultancy service. Unlike working with an external marketing agency, partnering with an iCept consultant ensures your strategy is developed and implemented in a way that uses the technology you have at your disposal to its full advantage.

Whether you need help with finding and converting customers, optimising your online store or executing customer retention campaigns – iCept consultancy guarantees proactive help to meet your goals, as well as fanatical support.

Delivered by experts with a minimum of ten years’ experience in ecommerce and online marketing, our consultancy services are included with the iCept Pro and Enterprise packages, with additional hours available to purchase as a bolt-on. To find out how iCept consultants could help your business, contact us today!