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iCEPT. Built for Growth.

When it’s time to start growing and scaling your online business, you’re going to need a robust ecommerce platform to really get ahead.

Today’s web-savvy consumers demand nothing less than a smooth, customer-driven experience when shopping online. At the same time, retailers are struggling with technology and the demands of managing multiple stand-alone systems across different areas of their business.

We know your business deserves more than this. You deserve an ecommerce platform that’s smart, solid, and built to make your life easier.

PCI Compliant

Security is paramount and PCI compliance shows your customers that you’re serious about securing their information when they shop online with you.

Secure Payments

We integrate with all the major payment methods, helping you to make your customers feel safe. Take advantage of additional security for both you and your customers by using 3D Secure too!


We know you need to be flexible, so we’re flexible. iCEPT can handle both retail and wholesale transactions helping you expand into new markets and build your business across multiple different channels.

Integrated RMA Module

Returns can be a headache, especially when you’re making hundreds of transactions per day. Our integrated RMA module takes the weight off your customer service team and the wait for your customer in your phone system queue!

Marketing Tools

The marketing tools allows you to create offers to entice your customers and combined with the integrated newsletter module, you can create your marketing emails just as you imagine them!

Customer Segmentation

Want to offer a select group of customers something special? Our Segregation tool allows you to create groups of customers on a wide range of metrics so you can target your marketing effectively!

Solid, Safe and Reliable

The only reason our software ever goes down is because you’ve asked us to.

Your reputation is critical, so your e-business systems must be unfailingly reliable. Any time your website is down (or slow) is crippling to your business revenues and customer perception. Which is why iCEPT is always up.

iCEPT is software as a service (SAAS), which is accessed securely online via an internet browser. The only reason our software ever goes down is because you’ve asked us to. Our servers are housed securely, and have massive redundancy capacity, so even if one fails a back-up will switch over without you even noticing.

This means that when you choose iCEPT, you won’t need IT staff to maintain your website. You won’t need expensive consultants to install upgrades, there’s no worrying about who’ll fix your website if it falls over in the middle of the night, or how it’ll cope when your product is featured in VOGUE.

It’s our infrastructure and we make sure it stays up for you, with a guaranteed up time of 99.97% per year.

Not only that, but we continually enrich and improve our ecommerce platform for the benefit of all our customers, with new features and functionality rolled-out on a regular basis. With iCEPT there’s no need to worry about keeping up with the latest technology, we take care of it so you can focus on growing your business.

All on one platform with one user interface and no integration issues.

Meeting the needs of web-savvy shoppers demands a seamless approach to selling and handling customers online. Luckily your whole online business can fall within the scope of iCEPT, from your website homepage and check-out process, right to through order management, stock control, payment, customer relationship management, dispatch and returns. All on one platform with one user interface and no integration issues.

If you already have existing systems in place, that’s not a problem. iCEPT will integrate seamlessly with external systems if required.

A complete online business solution

Easy to Use

Being able to respond quickly to customers’ needs is critical to the success of your business. If your staff are struggling with a cumbersome ecommerce system, it stands to reason you’ll miss out on opportunities….and sales.

iCEPT has an easy to use menu system with a ‘what you see is what you get’ interface for staff to update your pages. But it also has enough scope to handle programming, if your designers want to. The menus flow logically, and with as little as 30 minutes experience your staff will be dancing around the back of your website, the way they do on their social networking sites.

Just think what value-add activities your team could be working on if they no longer had to deal with an ecommerce platform that’s slow and hard to use? If you’re fed up with being bogged down by your website backend or waiting days for your web design company to make basic changes to your site, contact us to arrange a demo. We’ll show you how easy life could be!

Your exact needs will change as your business grows; the iCEPT platform has the flexibility you need designed in. Perhaps you want to start off with simple email activities, before moving on to more sophisticated segmentation and online marketing campaigns.

Maybe you currently sell to consumers, but selling wholesale to trade customers is on the horizon for the next twelve months or so. Whatever your plans and goals, you can be sure that a) it’s possible with iCEPT and b) our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Adapts as you grow

Your exact needs will change as your business grows.